About ProjectX

Dear reader,

Project X - The escape concept has begun to materialize, as an idea initially, at a time when the number of escape rooms in Bucharest was fast growing. It felt, however, that in the rush to enter the market, the local operators mainly concentrated to catch the initial wave, sometimes putting aside precisely the needs of the one who keeps their doors open... the player.

We, Project X Team – the ones who developed the concept, started off as players. Just like you. We had been in the role of the clients (and we still are) many times, until we decided to bring something new to this exciting field. Perhaps with a keener critical spirit, we began to pay more attention to the other elements that make up the games, not just to their flow: quality of the materials used, the transmission of clues.

Because we had played almost all high-rated rooms in Bucharest, we wanted to experience more and, thus, went to visit foreign operators. We played in Hungary, France, Italy, Turkey, even reaching Russia. We had fun, we learned, we noted down, we adapted and we started to build...

We understood, however, that it is very difficult to define a good escape room, so we contacted the best experts in the field for support. And we fully got it. That is how the two rooms that we offer you today, in a special location, were born.

We brought to Bucharest the latest generation of escape rooms, with very interesting puzzles, with spectacular decorations and various themes. We have focused on the exact things that we want to get when the door of an escape room closes behind us.

We are waiting for you at Unirea Shopping Center,

ProjectX Team